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Builders Exchange of Central Ohio & The Builders Exchange Foundation

As the consultant hired by the Builders Exchange to launch our association's foundation, Arlene was key to the success of our $2 million inaugural campaign. Her knowledge of non-profit structure and fundraising principles, as well as her insights into developing a successful campaign, were incredibly valuable. Most of all, she knows how to read and reach donors - and to coach her clients to do the same. Now 10 years old, the Builders Exchange Foundation would not be the healthy organization it is today without Arlene!

- Cathy Blackford, Executive Director

Catholic Social Services

"We were not only able to reach our goal, but exceed it because of their outstanding service!"

-Dr. Ron Eckerle, former Executive Director

Des Moines Library Foundation

"Mike Schmidt is highly professional and goal driven. He helped us focus on important issues -- those fundamental areas that can make or break your campaign. With his direction we experienced enormous dividends."

- Karla Kimerer, former Executive Director

Directions for Youth & Families

"We have worked with Michelle Cramer during three capital campaigns.  Need we say more?  Her creativity, energy and passion were instrumental in our success.  She thinks outside the box and had the tendency to make fundraising exciting!" 

- Steve Votaw, Executive Director

Dispatch Printing Company

"The best thing about Arlene is that when it comes to fundraising she "gets it."  She understands which stakeholder groups are critical, and knows how to leverage those relationships to create successful campaigns.  I have been involved with several feasibility studies and capital campaigns that she has spearheaded, and I am always amazed and impressed with the outcome."

- Rita J. Wolfe, Corporate Director of Civic Affairs

Franklin Park Conservatory

"Michelle Cramer's enthusiastic direction of the Conservatory's capital campaign for Phase I of the Master Plan helped to inspire remarkable community support for a redevelopment plan that is both forward-thinking and business based."

- Bruce A. Harkey and Beth Fisher

Friends of E Prep Schools

"The Friends of E Prep Schools team first and foremost, enjoys working with Arlene and Michelle.  Fundraising is hard work and they understand that we have to make it fun. Arlene has had total respect for our own creative impulses- never instructing us to be traditional or to follow standard practices.  She and Michelle know that our annual fundraising and capital campaign must be as entrepreneurial as our
entire organization has been and they seem to genuinely love helping us define and refine our strategy.  At the same time, they are not afraid to directly address areas where we are either weak, or lacking in experience.  They are a truly professional team and we have been
perfectly at peace with them- both in our office and in their own meetings with our board and volunteers."

- Friends of E Prep Schools Team

House of Bread

"We found that Arlene understood our position and wrote a very good report with excellent recommendations. One of her most striking recommendations was that it would be best to not do a capital campaign immediately, and that we would be better served to wait. It was very striking that she was concerned about our organization to that point that she gave us a recommendation that was not in her company's immediate financial interest.

The study that she did has become the foundation for revitalizing and renewing the programs at the House of Bread. When the time comes that we need this kind of assistance again, she'll be the first person I turn to."

- Matt Joseph, Board Chair

Leadership Columbus

"I give the highest regard for Arlene Reitter's skills and talents in fundraising and resource development and in these challenging economic times, relying on a leader in this field is necessary in order to survive the chaos and uncertainty that nonprofits are facing. Arlene's compassion and understanding of the issues that face many communities bring an increased dimension of capacity building in the fundraising arena and she can truly get to the heart of the issues that matter."

- Laurie Marsh, Executive Director

Lorain County Community College

"Mike Schmidt and the Cramer team have been an invaluable resource and have helped us prepare, launch, and execute a successful campaign during tough economic times."

- Tracy Green, Director LCCC Foundation

Lorain County Community College

"Mike's positive attitude and professionalism have been a welcome addition to our team during our time working together, and we are truly grateful to have him guiding our work and strategy throughout our campaign."

- Alison Hubler, Campaign Manager LCCC Foundation

Mental Health America Franklin County

"Michelle was an amazing person to work with on our project.  She conducted our feasibility study quickly, effectively and on time.  The information we received helped form the branding and marketing strategy for Mental Health America of Franklin County.  I couldn't have been more please with the study or the way it was conducted.  I highly recommend her for any fundraising project."

- Laura Moskow Sigal, Executive Director

St. Louis Public Library

"Mike Schmidt provided our organization with the right combination of wisdom, counsel and wit as we worked our way through a feasibility study and the preliminary phases of campaign preparation. In some ways, these very early phases of a capital campaign are the most difficult; so it pays to have a trustworthy and seasoned individual like Mike."

- Rick Simoncelli, Library Foundation Director

Trinity Episcopal Church

"The association Trinity Church had with Michelle Cramer & Sarah Moore was a gift and blessing for our Capital Campaign. The gift was being introduced to a team of vibrant and creative professionals who helped us achieve our fundraising goals, and the blessing was to have that teamwork with us in transforming ways taking us to new levels of congregational support and faithful stewardship. We could not have done what we have done without Michelle and Sarah."

- Reverend Richard Burnett, Rector

Turning Point

"Michelle's counsel has been right on target! By listening to her words and following her direction we were able to positively impact our community and the people we serve."

- Paula Roller, Executive Director

The University of Iowa

"The University of Iowa Foundation has been honored to work with Michelle Cramer and her staff on one of the most extraordinary and unique partnerships in the philanthropic arena. Having our world-class academic medical center partnered with one of the largest and best fraternal organizations in the country has been phenomenal. Thanks to Cramer & Associates, this partnership is going to make a tremendous impact on everyone who is challenged with diabetes!"

- Brenda Duello, Executive Director

Washington State Community College

"From feasibility studies to board training to strategic and campaign planning, Cramer and Associates has worked with us to enhance our fund raising initiatives through informed counsel and the willingness to get to know us, our community, and our particular strengths and weaknesses before advising programmatic changes. Counsel is always accessible, discreet, and reliable, not to mention ever watchful for opportunities for future growth. We truly appreciate the infusion of energy and direction Cramer and Associates has brought to us, and our fundraising efforts."

- Gail Reynolds, Director of Development & Executive Director

Wood County Library

"We couldn't have done it without Michelle! She helped keep us on track and organized throughout the entire process!"

- Elaine Paulette, Library Director

YWCA of Columbus

"Michelle Cramer impressed us with her creative approach to our campaign. She taught us to think creatively about donor interests, which in turn helped us design a more effective campaign."

- Karen Schwarzwalder, former CEO & President

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